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Programe de mobilitate la Middle East Technical University

Postat de viorel la Mie, 24/05/2017 - 10:39

Dear colleagues,

Warm regards from Middle East Technical University!

We are happy to announce our new call for student mobility for the Fall semester of 2017-18 academic year Erasmus+ KA107 ICM. The application call will be active from 12.05.2017 to 15.06.2017. Therefore, we kindly invite you to select outgoing students and send us your nominations for the 2017-2018 Fall semester.

We would be glad to host 1 of your students at our institution for the next fall semester. In addition to 1 main candidate, you are also welcomed to make 1 additional nomination as reserve (substitute) candidate. Reserve candidates will be considered in case any of the main candidates withdraw their applications. We also ask you to rank your reserve candidates based on academic merit and student ranks must be shown on the attached "Selection Committee Report".


- Minimum study years for undergraduate students: Undergraduate nominees must have completed minimum 1 year at your institution before visiting METU.

- MS/PhD Students: METU will accept graduate students for exchange only if they agree to take courses at our institution. Unfortunately it is not possible to assign academic supervisors to students who want to conduct research work at METU due to overload of faculty members


- English Proficiency Document: The language of instruction at METU is English at all levels and at all programs. Therefore, students without required English proficiency is likely to fail at our institution and hamper our collaboration.

We kindly invite you to develop additional mechanisms and take necessary measures to ensure that your outgoing students have sufficient level of English (minimum B1 according to CEFR). As you will see attached, your students' English proficiency test scores are required for the application process - this score can be obtained in an internal examination organized at your university or can be the score of an internationally recognized English proficiency test. Please indicate the test score on the “English Proficiency Document” attached.


- Selection Committee Report: We ask our partners to send us an official document concerning the selection process and results, carried out by a pre-determined committee. For this purpose please use the attached “Selection Committee Report” and send us this document as soon as you have completed the selection process. This document must include the ranking of students as mentioned above.


- Submission of documents: We kindly ask you, not students, to submit student application documents to us, via e-mail. Application documents sent by students will not be accepted as we prefer working with international offices for student nomination and application processes. Therefore, please submit your nominees' documents directly to us after collecting them from the students. 

Please submit all documents at once, with separate attached files, indicating the name of each student. You are not expected to submit documents for substitute nominees as they will be required in case any of the main candidates withdraws from the application.

- Document format: Photograph of the documents will not be accepted. We kindly ask you to submit the clean, scanned version of the required documents.

- Signatures: Please make sure that all of the documents contains original signatures and not copy-paste signatures.



Responsible university officials must submit application documents via e-mail until June  15, 2017.



- Selection committee report (attached)

- Application form (attached)

- Home university confirmation letter (attached)       

- English proficiency document (attached)

- Transcript of records (in English)

- Copy of passport / national ID card

 - Checklist (attached)

We are also sending attached the METU Fact Sheet and "Erasmus+ ICM Quick Reference Guide" for your consideration. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.