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Program de burse în Korea de Sud

Postat de viorel la Mie, 01/02/2017 - 20:17

National Institute for International Education(NIIED) affiliated with the Ministry of Education offers the governmental scholarship program through about 70 universities in Korea and 120 Korean embassies in each country.

This scholarship program covers air fare, monthly allowance, medical insurance fee, all the tuition fee, thesis publication cost, etc. 

Graduate School and the Graduate School of International and Area Studies(GSIAS) applicable.

Master’s or Doctoral degree course applicable (not for Master-Ph.D integrated program).

If applicants are chosen as a grantee for this program, they must take 1-year Korean language course in other universities. (This course is exempted if the applicants have Korean Proficiency Test (TOPIK) level 5 or above.)

Admission from Feb. 1 st  to Mar. 17 th .

The website of HUFS and Graduate School like following:

If there is anyone who is interested in this program, please contact Graduate School Administration Team 1: